Aizawa fundamentally fits Near and you may shows much more information concerning your Death Notice

Aizawa fundamentally fits Near and you may shows much more information concerning your Death Notice

Mello draws Kanzo Mogi of one’s Japanese Task Force so you can Brand new York and into the hands out-of Near in addition to SPK. Thinking that Near and you may Mello already are into the category with every other, Mogi refuses to chat, however, Near and you may Mello’s after that talk over the phone and other situations lead Mogi and you can Aizawa so you’re able to suspect that Light Yagami get feel Kira after all, in the event they be afraid, because it’s centered on thinking Mello, a pledged opponent, and his awesome states concerning the bogus guidelines. Close gets Lidner to take and pass these records on to Mello, apart from that they have now known White Yagami due to the fact the new L additionally the finest suspect to own Kira. Mello has come inserted by the Matt, several other man away from Wammy’s Household. It realize Aizawa and you can Mogi back once again to La which leads these to spying to the Misa Amane together with Activity Force Hq. In accordance with the pointers passed away because of the Lidner, Mello presumptions one Misa ‘s the Next Kira, though she influences your once the very feather-brained that it is unbelievable Kira actually ever willingly functioning the girl. Yet not, the guy also stops getting himself that their date, White Yagami, are L.

Misa together with Task Force go back to The japanese the spot where the police investigators decide to take a look at Kiyomi Takada, a television presenter who has been generated Kira’s new spokesperson. Mello and you may Matt pursue him or her and continue steadily to song Misa and Mogi. Mello got to begin with wished to make Death Note off Misa however, find never to, finishing one to she is perhaps not the next Kira any further.

(At this stage throughout the manga, Mello and you may Matt’s motions are not familiar. The following 11 chapters, that cover a period of nearly a couple months, manage White Yagami’s group meetings having Takada together with SPK’s studies regarding Teru Mikami, who has been entrusted having a dying Note and you will goes on the new killings lower than Light’s distant supervision.)

Mello kidnaps Kiyomi Takada with Matt attack Takada’s motorcade that have a gas grenade

Lidner tells Mello from Near’s plan to introduce and you may get Kira. Timing is important, so there are only a few days to go before the bundle is accompanied. Mello drives upon a motorcycle and will be offering when planning on taking Takada so you can shelter. On the distress, in accordance with encouragement away from Lidner, Takada believes, perhaps not knowing it are Mello up until it is too late in order to leave. Immediately following a good chase, Mello can evade Takada’s guards and you will locks their during the a shipment truck. While you are driving the woman to another place, Mello sees for the their cellphone television that Matt is actually cornered by Takada’s shields and you will murdered from inside the an effective hail regarding gunfire – some thing he’d maybe not questioned and regrets.

Mello pushes Takada to help you strip to obtain rid of any recording devices; yet not, he allows her to fund by herself having an excellent blanket. This indicates to get their undoing, while the she has a piece of Mikami’s Dying Note hidden in this lady clothes therefore the blanket lets the woman to hide it. Given that she understands Mello’s genuine term out-of Light, Takada spends the fresh new hidden little bit of the latest Demise Notice so you’re able to kill him.

Determine just after demise

Up on hearing regarding Takada’s kidnapping, Teru Mikami takes his Death Mention away from a financial put package and you can uses it and also make her destroy by herself by the means fire into the vehicle and you may destroying every proof – clueless one White himself has used an article of brand new Death Note to get this lady to-do the same thing a single minute ahead of Mikami kits they.

So it step towards Mikami’s part, inspired by Mello’s actions, needs him to check out the bank your day after the guy has already been truth be told there, which is an unexpected infraction off their always careful activities. This alerts Near’s broker, Gevanni, towards the location of the genuine Demise Mention in the bank and enables them to seize they, reduce Light Yagami, and you can expose him since the Kira.

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