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Somali-Ethiopian Social & Economic Development Association

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The most vulnerable members of the community, specifically women, destitute children and poor households in Somali Region
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To alleviate poverty, reduce vulnerability and improve socio-economic wellbeing through sound leadership, strategic partnership/collaboration, and social innovation to bring about caring, vibrant and self-reliant pastoralist communities that are socio-economically sustainable and resilient to cope and withstand environmental shocks/disasters. 


Somali-Ethiopian Social & Economic Development Association is a community-based organization (CBOs), non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan, and development-oriented organization that was established for the sole motive of developing marginalized communities in the pastoral areas of Ethiopia in close collaboration with international aid organizations (NGOs), regional government as well as international development actors (donor state bodies).  SESEDA is committed to working for the beneficiary community at the grassroots level, focusing on the empowerment of women, health, education, economic development, capacity buildings and natural resource mobilization, pastoral community development, and technical training for youth.


“if people get together they could mend a crack in the sky” Somali Proverb. “Be a mountain or lean on one” also a Somali Proverb. Those two proverbs summarize the vision of SESEDA’s vision.  

Climate Change Not Drought!

The most enduring animal which is the backbone of Somali  pastoralist is at risk

Our projects

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Agricultural Development and Modern Farming

Health Care

Heath Care and Mortality rate Reduction

Sanitation and clean water

Sanitation and Clean Water Provision

Education Transformation

Education and Capacity Building support on Social Transformation

Women Empowerment

Woman Empowerment and Disabled Child Protection

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