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We are working to find a long-term durable solution to the recurrent displacement in the South-East zones

Displaced households live in the open or poor temporary makeshift shelters without proper protection and privacy consideration. Large families are seen using tiny mobile hats/shades. Some members are using old damaged orange plastic sheets that no longer prevent sun heat. Additionally, there are no bedding materials or blankets for most visited households. The IDPs are in dire need as the shelters they are currently using are culturally inappropriate, exposing them to the weather elements. There is a lack of privacy among family members due to the nature of the shelter and the space.

We support

The most vulnerable members of the community, specifically women, destitute children and poor households


Somali-Ethiopian Social & Economic Development Association is a community based organization (CBOs), non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan, and development oriented organization that established for the sole motive of developing marginalized communities in the pastoral areas of Ethiopia .


“if people get together, they could mend a crack in the sky” Somali Proverb. “Be a mountain or lean on one” also a Somali Proverb. Those two proverbs summarize the vision of SESEDA


To alleviate poverty, reduce vulnerability and improve socio-economic wellbeing through sound leadership, strategic partnership/collaboration, and social innovation to bring about caring, vibrant and self-reliant pastoralist communities that are socio-economically sustainable and resilient to cope and withstand environmental shocks/disasters.


• Improved food security and sustainable livelihood among pastoralist and agro pastoralist communities in remote areas of Somali Regional State
• Increased delivery of affordable health, education, and social services for pastoralist and agro pastoralist communities in remote areas of Somali Region
• Increased delivery of affordable health, education, and social services for pastoralist and agro pastoralist communities in remote areas of Somali Region
• Gender equity, eliminated socio-economic, political and cultural barriers and empowered women to overcome barriers and discrimination

Our Work

What We Are Doing

FGM Activities

Water Quality Test

Distibution of NFI kits

Climate Change Not Drought

The most enduring animal which is the backbone of Somali  pastoralist is at risk

Save the environment from pollution

Climate Change mitigation, renewable energy technology and strengthening coping capacity of pastoralist to withstand environmental and climatic shocks

Help the most Vulnerable Community

Humanitarian Emergency Response Interventions designed to address root causes of poverty and vulnerability as well as immediate response interventions.

Protect and Support Our Mothers, Our Daughters, Sisters and Wives

Protection, gender inclusion and women economic empowerment as the cross-cutting to all humanitarian response, social and economic development projects as well as organizational operational management and leadership.

Create a Safe World for All Human Being

 Peacebuilding and customary conflict resolution as a cross cutting and direct delivery intervention to prevention, mitigation ad management of communal conflict over natural resource tenure.

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What Our Beneficiaries Say

Before SESEDA  there was less intervention, the situation have been seen those areas overwhelming since the delay of the rain and not received any humanitarian assistance it result of failed rains, there have been poor crop production ,acute shortage of water ,and death of livestock a key source of livehood communities in consequentially , malnutrition is at highest peak among infants, small children ,the elderly ,sick and other vulnerable groups according to the effected pastoralist among whom I have interviewed  Habiba Abdi said that the current drought is about 3 years old ,honestly speaking she  said its hard to express how the drought effected their life facing the current situation most of the pastoralist  lost their livestock in great numbers, the remain livestock continue to die due to lack of feed and diseases

Habiba Abdi
affected Pastoralist
Amina hasan
Farah Abdi
Drought Affected

Latest Projects

Emergency Shelter and NFI

Following the displacements caused by alshabab incursion in July 2022 and worsening drought situation including inter communal violence in Afdheer,...

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